Business Technology Consulting We understand your business to make technology a strategic asset
not just an expense.

IT Outsourcing our #1 request from our clients. Full time employees are expensive. Why incur the overhead when you can have someone dedicated to your needs with the IT resources of an entire company rather than a one person IT department? You spend less and get more value, only using IT services for what you really need.


Cobaltix can troubleshoot network performance issues. We design and build or rebuild networks from the ground up. From routers to cabling to firewalls and switches, we have the expertise you want. We are also experienced in moving networks and data center build-outs.

Security Compliance

Cobaltix conducts vulnerability assessments of our clients networks using the latest software technologies. We assist clients with security policy writing, audit preparation and are experienced in SEC, FDIC, and FINRA audits. WebApp testing is also conducted for our clients with public facing web applications to detect any known vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery, BCP

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are two critical processes you should have in place to ensure you can recover your business. Cobaltix implements the best backup and recovery solutions available today for your business. Whether you need local recovery or need emergency cloud services, we can tailor a solution for your specific business.

  • Onsite IT Support
  • Remote help desk Service
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network Assessments
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Cloud Hosted E-mail
  • All Mobile Devices (Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows)
  • Bare Metal Server Recovery
  • Cisco Infrastructure Design
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMWare
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Virus and Malware Prevention and Removal
  • Office Moves and build outs
  • Firewalls
  • Network Security
  • Security Audits
  • VOIP Telephone
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery

Hybrid cloud disaster recovery

Cobaltix designed and implemented a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution for one of their venture capital firms. By combining local backups with replication to the cloud, the client has full restoration capabilities in case of server failure or local disaster. Read more


Movie studio takeover

A couple of years ago, one of our clients made an investment. They bought 51% of a movie studio (sorry, we can't say which one). About 6 months after the money changed hands, our client managed to partner with Sony, who then showed interest in acquiring the [...]Read more


Computerizing a factory

One of our clients owns a manufacturing company that makes products that you likely see almost every day. They make the bags that fruit and vegetables come in, including printing all of the artwork on the bags. It is a lot more complex than it might seem-for example, just [...]Read more


A ride with Lyft

Lyft engaged Cobaltix when they were just starting as a transportation alternate in San Francisco. Not quite 50 employees, we helped them standardize their IT services and build a world class wireless infrastructure. As Lyft grew, the concept of shared IT[...]Read more

Cobaltix has grown through the many referrals of our Venture Capital, Financial Services and Private Equity clients. We help small to medium sized companies and clients in the Legal, Accounting, Medical, Dental and Manufacturing sectors.

Meet Us

The company was founded in 2003. Our goal was, and is, to provide great service to great clients. We have grown consistently over the past 10+ years.

Our clients and employees are incredibly important to us, and we have extremely low turnover with both. We have 20-year relationships. It is a core value in our company. Our employees stay with us because we treat them very well. Our clients are our friends. Trust is the key to maintaining and growing our relationships. Read more

Core Values

We're the discreet technology company used by some of the most forward thinking and leading Bay Area firms who hire only the very best. Our business is based on word-of-mouth.

We specialize in financial companies, and understand regulatory requirements, including FDIC, FINRA, SEC, PCI, and HIPAA. We work closely with our clients to use technology to further their business goals, and our conversations center on our clients' business needs-the technology is just how we get there.

Our core values:
CREDIBILITY: We are the trusted advisors to our clients.
LOYALTY: We have 20-year relationships.
ETHICAL: We are nice, honest, and friendly.
CARING: We take care of our people and our clients

Customer Support

World class, 24/7 customer service with a guaranteed one-hour response time. We have full remote support capabilities and monitor our clients 24/7. We want to know about issues before you do. We use best-of-breed products for security, malware protection and backups. Read more

Steve Walker

Jay Goldberg
Chief Operating Officer

Kerri Roggensack
General Manager

Cobaltix Headquarters

Open Positions:
-Senior Network Engineer

Our Work Perspective

At Cobaltix, we work hard. We love our work, and our peers. The technology is cutting edge and challenges each of us to learn every day. Even better, when we really nail a tough problem and come up with an elegant and simple solution (which we do often), not only do other engineers get it, but our clients get it, and appreciate us for it.

We like our clients-they are smart-they get it. We know that every single engineer has earned the respect given to Cobaltix.

Free Lunch

Sometimes we drink from the fire hose. There's no free lunch when it comes to learning new technologies, and other people can't learn it for you (actually, we have free lunch at a deli across the street every day (when in the office), and we not only provide targeted and current training, but also incredible mentoring, too). Quite simply--this isn't the place for you if your goal is to be a seat-filler.

Unique Perks

The back massages at meetings are a nice perk, and the free Amazon Prime is just something nice to have-something that shows that the company listens and values us. The thousand-dollar tech stipend makes it so that no one ever has to ask for a book or a gadget-the company just assumes you deserve it. Apart from these perks, we also offer: Orthodontia, Lasik, Pet Insurance Discounts, Commuter Benefits, Dry Cleaning. We annually poll our employees about the perks that are of interest to our team members.

Team Outings

Even the annual ski trip, Giants' games, bowling, rafting, BBQ, dinners and other outings are just icing on the cake. Our annual weekend houseboating trip? LEGENDARY! There are lots of corporate jobs that have great benefits (and our pay and benefits are definitely excellent), but we respect and like our people. We find most employees are also our friends and we enjoy spending time together.

Pay It Forward



Over the past 7 years, we've continued to have these hard-working, great kids at our office- many have now moved on to college. What is more, our clients and friends have started working with ICA as well. We've also continued to help ICA do great things to improve the technology at the school. Our goal is to make the school competitive with any school in the Bay Area, at a technology level. One of our favorite interns (Paulina) will soon be completing her pre-med [...]Read more



For anyone with young children in the Bay Area, The Bay Area Discovery Museum needs no introduction. It is a leader in the development of very young brains in the Bay Area, and is known throughout the world by child development specialists. The "exhibits" are fun and challenging for kids, and encourage them to develop both their cognitive and motor skills in unique and interesting ways. When their IT person was no longer able to handle their technology, they put [...]Read more



In mid-July, 2014, Steve was introduced by email to Jen. Jen did "something with photography and Haiti." Steve thought it might be interesting for his daughter to hear about it, so he agreed to meet for coffee, and brought her along. Jen also brought Guy (her husband, who spoke to Annika in French the whole time), and in less than an hour Jen and Guy had Steve and Annika both mesmerized with stories of Zanmi Lakay and how much good could be done in Jacmel, Haiti. Read more


Cobaltix Innovation Labs

Cobaltix Innovation Labs is supported by Cobaltix, a successful high-end business and technology consulting firm in the US. Fellows will have a workspace in the Cobaltix offices in San Francisco, and will benefit from working alongside and mentoring from some of the incredible people at Cobaltix. Cobaltix offices are located at a beautiful historic building in SoMa (South of Market), an area known for innovation and incubation of high-tech start-ups.


Cobaltix is pleased to be a sponsor of VC Taskforce and their 'Pitch, Pitch, Pitch!’ event. Over 50 entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a panel of industry experts at the Cobaltix office. Feedback was given and a final few were chosen to be put in touch with potential investors.

Cobaltix is pleased to be a sponsor of the NextGen Venture Capital Networking Group. Over 80 members of the group enjoyed an evening of drinks, food, and networking at the Cobaltix office.

Cobaltix hosts Alpha Club, a private networking organization of Silicon Valley's leading CEOs, founders and technology influencers.

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